Burglar-Proof Your Home

Tampered house door knobSometimes, the only reason why burglars were able to enter your home is that you forgot to close your doors. But, aside from human error, it is still highly likely that your home is susceptible to theft for a variety of reasons, according to Sail City Locksmiths.

Asking help from locksmiths in Auckland can add another layer of protection to your home, but so is doing the following. Do these things to protect your property.

Effective ways to secure your home:

Be mindful of your mailbox

Do not allow your mailbox to be filled up with letters. This leaves an impression that you are not home. If you are away on holiday, ask your neighbours to empty your mailbox for you once in awhile. That way, thieves won’t have an idea you are away.

Do not advertise

Avoid posting on social media that you will be gone for a period. Burglars have their way of finding their target, and posts that say you would be enjoying the beaches in Hawaii for two weeks would make you a major target.

Change the locks

Change the locks regularly, especially if you have just moved into your house. You would never know who has the keys to the previous owner’s house.

Light up

Always keep a light on and make it appear as though someone is home. Purchase smart lights that can randomly turn on and off regardless of whether someone is at home or not.

Trim down

Keep your garden plants and bushes low. Doing so can help prevent burglars from hiding inthem. If your home’s yard or lawn is well-kept, chances are they would leave it alone.

Your home’s security should never be compromised. Invest in good quality security systems as they would always be worth it. Always be prepared and be vigilant. Most importantly, do not forget to lock the door when you leave.