Maintenance Hacks for Your Office Espresso Machine

rich, bold and fresh coffee dripping out of a well-maintained espresso machineMany things are subjective regarding office coffee, but one thing that is not: the maintenance and proper care of your espresso machine for good quality workplace coffee and beverage solutions. The first step is to get a high-quality machine from a reputable espresso machine dealer.

Just like all appliances, your espresso machine needs proper care and maintenance to prolong its lifespan. Here are some guidelines on proper care and maintenance of your appliance based on frequency.


Daily scrubbing, rinsing and wiping of your machine’s group heads, shower screens and filter baskets is important along with soaking them overnight at least twice weekly.

Backflushing for three-way valve espresso machines is an important daily routine to loosen and eliminate any contaminants in brewing valves. Teach your staff how to clean, and you can have them take turns to do it if the office cleaner is not able to do it.

Every three to six months

You will need to replace your group gaskets and shower screens every three to six months. Test your group head’s temperature and flow rate, switches and the water boiler quality.

Descale your machine to prevent the build-up of magnesium and calcium deposits, which will change the delicious taste of your coffee and destroy your machine.


You should hire a qualified technician every 12 months for inspection, adjustment, repair and replacement of various components of your espresso machine. At the end of the service, he or she will provide a record of everything that he did and a recommendation on when your next machine service is due.

While you should do machine service annually, the frequency of service increases with coffee usage. If you are consuming 5-15kg or more of coffee each week, machine suppliers recommend a service after nine months.

Keep an eye on decreased coffee quality, breakdowns and damage to your machine. Always get an espresso machine technician for your servicing and maintenance needs.