Kybella: The Safest Way to Get Rid of Double Chin

girl shows off his big chinThe fat under the chin, otherwise known as a double chin, is one part of the body that is difficult to get rid of. However, the treatment options available are limited and usually involve going under the knife. That was before the birth of Kybella. Kybella is a fat reduction treatment that targets the fat under the chin. It is a fast, safe, and effective procedure (Tip: the best Kybella treatment is in Beverly Hills!) Here are some more benefits that you may be interested to know about.

Fast and Easy Procedure

Kybella involves a minimally invasive procedure that may only take about 20 minutes per session with no downtime afterward. In fact, you can have the treatment during your lunch break and then return to your work right after. However, you may need more than one injection. The number of injections needed will depend on factors such as the treatment area and your body size and type.

No Need for Anesthesia

Some people are not comfortable being put to sleep with anesthesia, so having their double chin surgically removed is out of the question. But since Kybella only makes use of an injection, the only anesthesia you’ll need is a topical kind, which is only used to ensure your comfort but not put you to sleep.

Safe and Effective

Kybella is FDA-approved. As such, you are sure that it is a safe treatment. It also has very minimal side effects that include minor pain, redness, and bruising. Furthermore, you will no longer need to have this procedure repeated in the future because its result is permanent. In most cases, future weight gain will not lead you to develop a double chin again.

Kybella is the only treatment for double chin that doesn’t require surgery available. It is a very safe procedure with minimal side effects, but you should still be vigilant when looking for a clinic and doctor who will administer the treatment.