For Pregnant Women: Is Choosing a Midwife Right for You?

Image of a pregnant woman touching her bellyWhile expectant mothers often choose obstetricians for pregnancy care and delivery, there are also those who choose to work with a midwife. If you’re planning to do the same, it is good to know that midwife-handled births also produce good results with reduced need for medical interventions. Midwives are a great choice if you want a more natural approach to your care, labor, and delivery.

If you’re going with this approach, midwifery centers in Ogden and other parts of Utah share a few things you should know about midwives:

Trained and certified.

It is a misconception that midwives did not receive formal training or education. Certified nurse midwives in the country have a degree in nursing (master’s or doctorate) and need to pass a certification exam.

More options for delivery.

Choosing a midwife can give you more options on where to deliver your baby. Instead of doing it in a hospital, you can give birth in a birthing center or your own home. Patients of midwives also tend to have a lower need for episiotomies, epidural, and even C-sections for a successful delivery.

They don’t just deliver babies.

Midwives also offer care for mothers before, during, and after pregnancy. They also offer general check-ups, provide birth control, screenings, and other related services. You can also turn to them for preconception planning and get advice about newborn care concerns.

More personal experience.

Obstetricians in hospitals usually have full schedules, which may mean less patient-doctor time. Midwives, on the other hand, take more time to discuss all your concerns about pregnancy and delivery. Their services also cost less than OB-GYNs.

Having a midwife is a good choice for many pregnant women. This, however, is not advisable for high-risk pregnancies. If you are expecting multiple babies or have experienced pregnancy complications before, it may be better to talk with an obstetrician. Midwives can also work with primary healthcare providers to avoid serious complications.

Your preference and condition will play a part when deciding between obstetrician and midwives. If you want holistic approach to pregnancy care, a midwife is preferable. If you, however, a medical condition, it is better to work with an obstetrician.