Say No to Heart Disease

Man grabbing his chest because of heart problemThe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. But one’s risk of developing this disease can still be reduced as long as you start practising certain proper lifestyle changes.

Lose weight

Being obese can lead to cardiovascular problems and losing weight is the solution. But how one should lose weight must be considered. It’s not about skipping meals or getting into fad diets.

It’s about maintaining a balanced diet yet achieving the proper weight for your age and size. The best thing you can do is to enter a medical weight loss program to ensure that the pounds you’ll shed will not affect your overall health.

Reduce or quit alcohol

Excessive amounts of alcohol can increase blood pressure that may trigger a stroke or a heart attack. Too much liquor can also weaken the heart muscle and cause irregular heartbeats. Saying no to alcohol is your best reward for yourself. Though there are reports that moderate drinking can prevent heart diseases, alcohol can still prove to be a risk especially if you have untreated medical conditions.

Keep active

Exercise will not just help you lose the proper weight; it’ll also lower cholesterol levels and blood pressure. But you don’t necessarily have to lift weights or sign up for a triathlon.

You can start by walking a kilometer or two daily around your neighborhood. You can even do errands just to stay active as long as you don’t end up a couch potato.

Be aware of what you eat

Your diet is as important as your schedule to exercise every day, so never underestimate the importance of a good diet.

But you shouldn’t deprive yourself too. A strip of bacon is still fine as long as it’s not excessive. Balance it perfectly with other healthy options to achieve optimal health.