Types of Residential Solar Power Systems

solar panel on a red roofNot all home solar power systems work the same, and there are several options to choose from, ranging from grid connections to battery choices. All of them have their sets of advantages and disadvantages to consider.

If you are looking for residential solar services here in Denver to install this in your home, the most significant decision you will have to make is the type of system you want. Of course, there will be other considerations such as where to place the panels and the size of your home, but those are secondary.

You can pick one of three options.

Grid-tied home solar power system

Solar power systems connected to a grid with no batteries are the most popular types of household solar power. They are affordable to buy and install as they have very few components.

The downside is that solar homeowners cannot store excess energy for use during emergencies; the electrical grid then becomes the backup. Of course, when you use electricity, you will have to pay for it.

Grid-tied home solar power systems with batteries

Battery solar systems are more expensive to install than their counterparts. It is no wonder they are not very popular even with utility companies. With a battery introduced into the system, you have two back-ups – the grid and the battery. Your solar power will store any excess energy in your cell until it’s charged.

Off-grid residential solar power systems

With an off-grid system, your solar power generation is independent. You rely on a battery system to meet all your energy requirements. The system generates and stores its power, and all you have to do is to plan well so that you meet all your needs.

While power outages are not an issue, you will not be able to rely on the grid for backup.

Note that you will need to have your solar power system tied to the grid if you want to benefit from government solar power incentives. If you live in a remote area (where it is costly to get utilities), then choose the off-grid system.

Otherwise, options connected to the grid are more beneficial for a household. Try them to enjoy the benefits that come with solar energy.