Essentials for Keeping Your Toddler’s Teeth Healthy

kid brushing his teethDental issues more often than not crop up at a young age. This, therefore, calls for prompt visits to the dentist starting as early as twelve months old. But how do you know what routines to keep up to maintain your toddler’s teeth healthy?

Here are some pointers.

Watch out for bottle decay

Oral health expert Walker Pediatric Dentistry advises parents seeking dental services for kids in Utah to watch out for bottle decay on their toddler’s teeth.

This issue comes about when a parent hands sugary drinks using a bottle to their baby when gearing for a nap. The sugar sticks onto the delicate teeth and forms bacteria that eat into the tooth, eventually causing tooth decay.

Discourage the use of pacifiers

Pacifiers are a welcome gift for a newborn, but once the child is two to three years of age, it must go. Prolonged use of pacifiers can alter the teeth line into an unlikely shape. Instead of a pacifier, use toys and kids songs to keep the baby calm.

Strict rules

Parents need to set strict rules on their kids’ dental care. Kids should know that certain times of the day are for brushing or flossing. It should be mandatory, and you should not excuse them for sickness, lateness or any other reason whatsoever.

Go easy on juice

Fresh fruit juice is good news for supplying the kids with important nutrients. But it is not very good news for the teeth. To avoid tooth decay in children for taking too much juice, accompany the main meal with juice. Limit intake of juice to at most a glass daily.

Just like adults, children know if they look different. The face and teeth are crucial parts of a baby’s appearance that stretches into adulthood. It is only fair to the child if a parent upholds the above practices to ensure dental health throughout their child’s life.