Ways on How to Maintain a Clean Office Toilet

Inside a restroomIt’s a common knowledge that all toilets are germ ridden, especially the public ones. If office toilets are left untreated, then there’s a huge chance of germ build-up that may cause the spread of diseases, and can ultimately affect the staff’s productivity.

That’s why office cleaning is important in cities like South Jordan. But how do you keep the office toilets clean?

Set ground rules

It’s important to set ground rules, especially when using a public property like office toilets. Nobody wants to clean up somebody else’s mess, so it should be clear to everyone that they have to clean up for themselves to maintain the toilet’s cleanliness.

You may want to create a copy laying out basic toilet etiquette guidelines and stick them to the doors of all cubicles so that it can be visible to everyone.

Set up a cleaning schedule

It’s important to set up a cleaning schedule and stick to it. You may hire a professional cleaning services company to make it much easier for you. Ensure that you advise the cleaning services to be thorough with the tasks.

You may also want to print out a calendar or schedule of the dates that the toilet area was cleaned to keep track of it.

Interpose any bad habits

Encourage the good etiquettes and discourage any bad toilet behavior. You may ask the HR department to send out emails to remind the employees about the bathroom etiquette. Publicly shaming people doesn’t do any good. It may even affect the employee’s performance, which may result in poor productivity.

It’s always better to encourage and reward people rather than shaming them.

These are just some of the tips that you may want to consider when keeping your toilet cubicles well-maintained. It’s important to keep a hygienic environment to prevent any chances of spreading disease.