Want to Give Memorable Corporate Gifts? Consider These 6 Tips

Flash drive corporate giftCorporate gifts can foster a lot of goodwill and business opportunities from clients. This is the reason why sending memorable items is a must for many companies. But before you start giving out these gifts, here are some tips you need to remember.

Find out if your gift is acceptable

It’s standard practice for some companies to hand out branded promotional products to favoured clients. Not all clients, however, may accept your gift. They may have some company policy that limits the value of any item they receive.

In some instances, government units may refuse the items to avoid any hint of irregularity. To avoid embarrassment, check and verify their policy first.

Consider sending out items that clients may use daily

You probably want clients to remember your company every time they use your gift. If this is the case, consider giving out items such as coffee mugs with your company logo if possible. It’s also a subtle form of advertisement. Some clients, however, may get offended by such gifts.

 Add a personal touch

Add a personal touch to your gift by adding a handwritten note or personally handing the gift to your client. These gestures are not only appreciated but will also help the clients remember you in the coming days.

Avoid giving items of inferior quality

The gift that you send out is a representation of your company. Clients who receive inferior-quality items may unfairly infer that your products or services are also of poor quality. But there’s no need to spend so much on expensive items – just make sure that the items you’re giving away are crafted well.

Don’t skimp on the gift wrapping

Perception can help you win or lose business deals with clients. In the same way, always make sure that your gift is packaged nicely.

Know the corporate culture

This is important especially if your client is a foreign company. For example, you are expected to present a gift when you’re having a first business meeting with Japanese clients. For Chinese clients, never give a gift packaged in white. They might get offended since their culture considers that colour as a symbol of death.

Giving out corporate gifts is common practice among companies. However, there are some conventions that you need to know before sending gift items to clients. You first need to find out if the gift is allowed or culturally acceptable. Make sure the items you are giving are made well and are presentable. You can also gain favourable attention from the client by adding some personal touches to the gift.