Key Metrics You Should Measure in Your Social Media Campaigns

Social media marketingEvery company with a goal of maximizing profits is actively engaged in social media marketing. This, after all, enables you to reach over 80% of your clients. Putting together a perfect campaign is essential, but it is not the only thing.

Social media management offered by an Ottawa company like is crucial to a successful campaign. One of the critical areas these social media managers focus on is a continuous analysis of your campaign. Here are some of the key metrics they measure to analyze the efficiency of your social media campaign.


This metric measures the number of people talking about your brand online and their efforts in spreading your content and engaging with your topic. This includes comments, retweets, favorite’s shares and followers on various social media platforms. Engagement gives you a glimpse of how your social media campaigns are resonating with your customer base. This allows you to tailor your content to that which the clients engage in most.


Reach refers to the number of potential clients who view your ad. It is a crucial metric if your campaign’s objective is to be seen by a high number of customers. Reach will help you track your audience’s growth rate which is expressed regarding a percentage change over a specific period.

Link Clicks

Getting visitors to buy your products or carry out your desired end action is the goal of social media marketing. Link clicks allow you to follow your clients and see what they click to learn further about your brand. This enables you to identify the specific platforms that are good for nurturing clients and enhance them to entice the clients to seal the deal.

Though all these metrics are crucial to your organic campaign, they are useless when used separately. Combining the parameters is the perfect way to gauge your campaign’s efficiency and fine tune it. This will assure you of an increased conversion rate and handsome ROI.