How to Get an Edge in a Tough Job Market

Guy at a job interviewThere is a great difference between having an excellent career and having a job that pays the bills. The former is more fulfilling and often comes with a greater financial reward.

In the latter case, you are likely to be grateful to have a roof over your head and food on your table. These some of the factors that you should bear in mind while looking at the job vacancies here in Auckland.

Here are some proactive measures to help you get that job that makes your chest swell with pride.

Develop a mastery

While some companies offer on the job learning opportunities, most firms are on the look for an expert. They are looking to hire an expert to solve a pressing problem. As a result, they are likely to overlook your application if you do not possess a skill set they so desperately need.

Rare and valuable skills give you an edge over other applicants. Instead of begging employers to hire you, you will have them tripping to get you on the payroll. With so many online resources at your disposal, you can learn and develop just about any skill you wish to possess.

Demonstrate your skills and abilities

One critical mistake that people make with their resume is listing their job descriptions of their previous jobs. While you may have handled an impressing range of responsibilities, most employers are on the search for something else.

In most case, they are after the results that you achieved while discharging your duties. If you are a sales representative, indicate how you increased the sales in measurable terms. Use figure and percentages to give credibility to your abilities.

For instance, you grew the monthly sales by 35 percent to $30,000 is more credible than “Headed the sales division in XYZ company.”

Job-hunting in the current market is a tough endeavour that leaves many jobseekers frustrated. However, you can take proactive measures and give yourself an edge when applying for a job.