Hospice Care and the Celebration of Quality of Life for Patients

Nurse holding senior's handHospice is a care facility that advocates quality of life even in the final stages. It is an affirmation of life and aims to treat the person rather than the disease. It helps the person cope and live up to the last. When looking for hospice care services in Indiana, it is necessary to consider the staff and facilities.

Facilities and Services

Hospice services typically provide care from nurses and aides with in-home visits. Pain management and palliative care of symptoms are also provided. Caregivers, nurses, and aides provide much-needed emotional support and counseling for both the patient and his or her family.

Companionship is a big component of hospice care. Also, included with companionship is household assistance provided by trained volunteers. Other support services are social work and family support, and physical, occupational and speech therapies for the patient. For after-hospice services, bereavement services are also available for the surviving members of the family.

Palliative Care

Supportive or palliative care is an integral part of hospice care. Palliative care helps alleviate the symptoms of a disease. There is usually the tendency to put this off until later. Palliative care, as well as hospice care, does not mean that the patient has given up, or that he nor she no longer wants to undergo an aggressive treatment regimen. Instead, the patient can decide to go for active cancer treatment at any time.

This is not a treatment for those who have given up on life. It is a way to bring back the dignity of the patients, to bring a smile to their face, allowing patients to live as they wish, and to enjoy their time, regardless of how long they have to live. It is not about death, or an end of life, but a celebration of their remaining life.