Safeguard Your Driving Privileges When Applying for SR22 Insurance

Car key on top of an auto insurance policy documentMajor traffic violations can lead you to incur severe legal trouble, especially when you have to file SR22 insurance. Luckily, you can take proactive steps and keep such developments from putting your driving license at risk.

If you’re a high-risk driver, then you’d appreciate the value of having SR22 insurance. At this point, you understand the importance of a clean driving record. Since they want to safeguard their interests, companies in Chicago like Oxford Auto Insurance are careful when dealing with high-risk drivers.

High-risk motorists have a higher probability of making a claim. As a result, your insurance premiums are likely to leave a sizable dent in your wallet. Luckily, you can keep such developments from ruining your driving experience.

Don’t Miss a Payment

After a major traffic violation, you’re likely to have your driving license suspended or revoked. As a precaution, the state requires that your insurer file SR22 insurance with them to prove coverage. This is just the first step toward getting off the high-risk driver category.

During this period, your insurance costs are going to be higher than usual. The period length depends on the nature of your violation. A black mark for not having prior insurance coverage lasts for six months. A DUI penalty can last for three to five years. Hence, you need to look for the best insurance rates from the get-go.

Don’t Delay Payment

It’s one thing to make all insurance payments, and it’s another to be late. See, when filing an SR22, you’re walking a thin line, and you shouldn’t rock the boat. Due to your high-risk status, your insurer is mandated to appraise the state about the status of your coverage.

Late payments increase the likelihood of the insurance company informing the state that your cover is at the risk of lapsing. If that happens, you’re likely to incur all manner of avoidable fees that can further complicate your life.

If you are mandated to file SR22 insurance when buying car insurance, you need to tread carefully to retain your driving privileges. One misstep can make your license revoked or suspended.