Field Marketing Organization and Its Effects on Insurance

Agent discussing insurance with coupleSelling insurance directly from the carriers can be a challenge for most agents. That’s why most companies are slowly turning to FMO or Field Marketing Organizations insurance to get the assistance they need. But what does it typically entails? TR King Insurance Marketing shares some insights to help you understand this option.

Better quoting services

According to industry experts, an ideal FMO insurance will provide its clients with complete access to a software application that produces accurate quotes supported by the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services. Access to these quoting services will let you quote Medigap, Medicare Part, C, and D, as well as the client’s IFP coverage.

Higher commission

A typical agency allows an insurance agent to receive the same or sometimes, even higher amounts when it comes to their commission. This is possible because of coming directly from the carrier and to the General Agency. The amount that the agent receives is only an added payment to the agent’s commission payout.

CRM system tools

An ideal FMO also gives you access to CRM tools that will assist you in tracking your clients from initial contact to the enrollment phase. The system also lets you create a calendar and comprehensive reminder system that’ll help you stay on track with your business.

Easier access to leads

Having easy access to adequate leads is important, especially when it comes to business. That’s why an ideal FMO provides its clients with information on possible prospects in a specific area who have shown interest in the service that you have.

Finding the right FMO is essential, especially if you want to stand out from the rest of your competitors. It’s important to look for the best FMO that can help your business grow.