Massages for the Mums-to-Be: Easing Body Pain and Stress

Pregnant woman being massagedPregnant women are often complimented for the ‘glow’ of their skin. The so-called pregnancy glow isn’t some urban legend or generic compliment for expectant mothers, though. It’s one of the changes caused by increased hormones during pregnancy.

The hormonal imbalance during pregnancy causes other changes — but not all of them are as enjoyable as the pregnancy glow. Some of the physical changes, such as weight gain and swollen feet, can add to the stress expectant mothers feel.

Massages after the first trimester can relieve some of the pain and stress that pregnant women experience, shares Orpington Beauty, a unisex skin care and beauty salon.

Alleviate Pain and Discomfort

Relaxin, one of the hormones produced during pregnancy, loosens the joints to greater flexibility during the delivery of the baby. This, in turn, can cause joint pain for pregnant women. Massages improve its circulation around the joints, alleviating pain. It can also help improve the range of motion in the joints and the muscles around it. As a result, it reduces the risk of swollen joints and feet.

Regular massage during the pregnancy period is a drug-free and safe way to relieve various aches and pains due to changes in the body. It triggers greater blood flow, increases oxygen distribution, helps flush out the toxins and relieve tension.

Better Mental Health

Pregnancy massages can improve the mental well-being of expectant mothers, as well. The soothing motions and aromatherapy oils used in massages help release more endorphins and serotonin, the happy hormones, while also reducing the levels of the stress hormone, cortisol.

In fact, mums-to-be who get regular massages are more relaxed, less depressed or anxious and have better sleep cycles. It also gives them time to meditate and connect with their unborn child. The mental health of expectant mothers, in turn, can have lasting positive effects on their baby.

Postnatal Massages

Women can continue their regular massages until after they have given birth. Postnatal or post-partum massages can help new mothers adjust to the new changes in their body. It lessens the residual pains from pregnancy and promotes relaxation. Moreover, the improved blood circulation helps increase the production of prolactin, a lactation hormone and breast milk.

Massages are an excellent way to improve the pregnancy experience for mums-to-be. It not only helps improve their physical and mental health but gives them time to connect with their unborn child.