What are the Top Causes of Fire Sprinkler Leaks?

Fire SprinklerYour fire sprinkler is critical to the safety of your property and its occupants. According to the National Fire Protection Agency or NFPA, 97 percent of fire sprinkler systems can put out fires with correct operation. A fully functioning system could help prevent further damage and provide security. As such, you need to make sure that the system works.

Part of doing so is checking for leaks. You can perform the inspection on the system on your own or ask the fire sprinkler contractor that installed it in your Utah property to do maintenance.

Below are top reasons fire sprinklers leak:


Corrosion can occur with the presence of three main elements: water, oxygen, and iron. When left unchecked, the degradation of metal pipes can wreak havoc in your sprinkler system. One way to prevent this from happening is to remove at least one of the elements that could corrode the pipes; you can replace compressed air (oxygen) with 98 percent nitrogen gas if you have a dry-pipe system. You can also make sure to check the pipes regularly.

Equipment Failure

Human or manufacturing error could also make a fire sprinkler to leak. Exposing O-ring seals to water contaminants can cause corrosion and leaks on a fire sprinkler. Poorly design, substandard repair, or incorrect installation could also cause leaks. Equipment failure occurs when the manufacturer fixes sprinkler heads improperly or over tighten its fittings.


A few scenarios, such as exposing fire sprinkler heads to extreme cold, can make the system freeze. You should not let the temperature of a sprinkler drop below 40 degrees. It is also wise to replace the insulation and turn the heat back once you finish using a fire sprinkler. You should also remind employees to check for open windows.

Maintaining a fire sprinkler system according to industry requirements will ensure the system performs accordingly, keeping your property safe from further damage and its occupants secure from harm. Of course, developing an appropriate fire safety plan is also a sound idea for your business.