Great Life Hacks in Managing Clogged Drains

Plumber using plunger for clogged drainClogged drains are a common problem in every household. It always seems to happen at the worst possible time. While hiring a hydro-jetting service in Salt Lake City to do the job, there are some ways on how to prevent clogged drains on your own. Here are a few tips on how you keep your drains free from clogging.

Don’t Wait for the Mainline Sewer Line to Get Clogged

It’s always best to address the issue before it turns into a major problem. According to Family Handyman, you may want to check the surrounding area of your sewer line to see if there are any trees near it. A few of the most common recurring issues may be tree roots penetrating through clay tile joints or even a few debris blocking the sewer line. It’s worth your time and money to hire sewer service companies to check what may be causing the problem.

Don’t Use Chemicals

According to Houselogic, it’s much better to use a plumber’s snake instead of using harmful chemicals to clear out a clogged sink or drain. Chemicals tend to burn the pipes, which can make matters even worse. Although you can easily purchase them anywhere, the problem is still likely to recur in the future. It’s much better to hire a plumber to remove the debris blocking the line completely.

Consider Installing a Lint Trap

Lint and other pieces of fabric and facial tissue can block your washer’s drain hose, which can cause a lot of problems in your drain. You may want to install a lint trap to prevent lint and other pieces of fabric from getting trapped in your washer’s drain hose.

Properly equipping yourself with knowledge is the best way to address your drainage problems. If you’re still encountering the same problems, consider hiring a plumber so that you can get the help that you need.