Radar: An Invisible Technology that has Given More to Life than We Know

Police officer pointing a radar gunWhen most people hear the word radar, they usually think of science fiction movies, but this technology has more applications in real life than we know. You may not be aware of it, but radar has made our lives safer.

There are three main applications of radar, namely:

  • Spot distant objects—Radars can spot distant objects like a flying aircraft or a buried treasure underground. In some cases, it can even identify the object that it detects.
  • Mapping an object—Through its mapping ability, radar has made navigations safer. An aircraft can map nearby mountains and determine its distance. A ship can map out an island and avoid it even when navigating in pitch dark conditions.
  • Detecting its speed—Radar can also catch the speed of a moving object, that’s why cops use laser radar guns to determine if you’re over speeding or not.

Modern Conveniences that Uses Radar

Although often invisible, we use radar technology all around us. Have you ever wondered how planes avoid bumping at each other when they take off and land? Air traffic control uses radar to guide planes in the air, on the land and when they need to land smoothly.

To track tornadoes and hurricanes, meteorologist uses radar too. It allows them to send early warnings so people in the path of the storm can evacuate to safety. Have you seen those grocery store doors that open and close without your touching anything? They use radar too.

In the outer space, NASA has been using radar to track satellites. It uses this technology to maneuver and dock in the space station.

Radar technology uses two simple principles: echo and Doppler shift. Our ears hear these two every day. Radar technology makes use of them using radio waves. It’s fascinating to find that as sophisticated as it is, it has applications in our day to day lives.