Basic Types of Utility Company Complaints

Couple complaining to an employeeThere are times when the quality of service provided by our local utility company is simply unacceptable that there’s no other way but to file a complaint. When this happens, people can file utility company complaints in South Carolina (SC) get the legal support that they need.

To help you begin to understand your rights as a consumer, here are a few common utility company complaints filed by homeowners.


One of the major reasons most homeowners file a complaint is because of electrical problems. State regulators do not oversee electrical companies owned by the municipality.

So if you belong to a local electric cooperative, you may want to get in touch with the administrator of the cooperative regarding your concerns.


Another issue that most people are having problems with is their telephone utility. If you have any issues with your billing statement, you may be able to check all the information that you need on the PUC website. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) also receives customer complaints about their telephone service.


Water problems happen sometimes. So if they do, you may want to contact your water supplier directly if you have any concern regarding the quality of water, billing, or even the service that you are getting from them.

Natural Gas

Another common reason consumers file for utility complaint are issues with natural gas. If you have any problems with billing, selling, purchasing, or even shipping natural gas, then you may reach out to natural gas providers about it.

But if you’ve already done everything that you can to solve it with the utility providers, then there is no harm in trying to get in touch with a government body who can help you get the right quality of service that you need.