Long vs. Short Web Content: Which One is Better?

someone using a laptopContent length has been one of the most notable keys to SEO success over the past few years. Yet, many site owners still struggle to use long and short posts to their advantage.

Any experienced SEO consultant in Melbourne would say that lengthier pieces of content are usually more beneficial, but they’re prone to misuse. Those with fewer words aren’t irrelevant either; at times, they’re more suitable to publish to achieve certain marketing goals.

To know which one to use on a given circumstance, explore the proven, winning qualities of long and short-form articles:

Long-Form Content

  • Insightful – This type of content is helpful when trying to expound on broad topics. Some audiences seek in-depth explanations to understand particular subjects deeply. This is why standard, 300-word blogs aren’t as effective as e-books and guides in serving this purpose.
  • Engaging – Lengthier posts naturally take more time and energy to read, keeping visitors on site longer. Google usually incentives websites with regular traffic, and penalises those with high bounce rates.
  • Credible – Well-written content with thousands of words helps establish the authority and thought leadership of the publisher. Of course, there shouldn’t be any duplicate sections unless there’s proper attribution. Also, high-quality backlinks are a must.

Short-Form Content

  • Searchable – While Google has a bias toward long-form content, it knows that only a fraction of all online readers demands for it. Posts with less than 1,000 words dominate the search engine result pages to attract people who prefer skimming through sentences rather than perusing them.
  • Mobile-Friendly – The proliferation of mobile devices is a major factor when deciding on content length. Reading large chunks of text with tablets and smartphones can be stressful, which is why posts with fewer words win the hearts of many users.
  • Shareable – Because of the diminishing attention of span of most people, shorter posts are more likely to go viral than their longer counterparts.

But in the end, content length means nothing without substance. Seek professional advice to maximise the potential of both long- and short-form content to generate excellent SEO gains.