Which Countries are Investors Targeting in Southeast Asia?

Skyscrapers at Bonifacio Global City PhilippinesOver the last ten years, Southeast Asia has become one of the fastest growing markets for impact investing. Impact investing focuses on returns as well as social benefits. Recently, the World Bank released a report that puts four Southeast Asian countries in the top five ranks of “Best Countries to Invest In.” No wonder investors are coming in for the opportunities set by the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

Many properties are worth investing in Southeast Asia, but which countries are investors targeting in the region?

Philippines: A Striving Inflow of Foreign Direct Investment

The tropical archipelago is the top country you would want to invest in. The country is more than just a land of beautiful beaches with abundant biodiversity; it has a resilient economy that strives to improve and push ahead of others in Southeast Asia.

For city-specific investments, Property Access Philippines shares data from Tholons International, which lists five major cities that show exceptional performance in digital services and outsourcing investments.

With a population of more than 100 million Filipinos, the Philippines has continued to perform well over the years when it comes to foreign direct investments (FDI). Southeast Asia as a whole may have experienced declining inflows of FDI, but not the Philippines.

The country has a flourishing tourism industry and receives billions of dollars from a large number of Filipinos living and working overseas. Expect to see more FDI from within the region from powerhouses, such as China, that are looking for available labor in developing nations like the Philippines.

Singapore: An Intellectual Hotbed

Singapore is a bustling metropolis in the region. The fifth best country to invest in is home to one of the globe’s busiest ports. It has about 5.7 million citizens living on the capital island.

The country’s Economic Development Board places the nation as an intellectual hotbed. The country not only has educated citizens, but it is ripe with intellectual property law.

Invest in Singapore, and enjoy the incentives for land use optimization, technology innovation, and leasing capabilities, among others. The country may be small, but it has big plans for investors.

Malaysia: A Pro-Business Government

Malaysia, though a small country, has a fast-growing economy. The fourth best country to invest in has a population of approximately 30 million people, most of which live in or near Kuala Lumpur.

From this population, Malaysia has a highly skilled workforce that helps its government support businesses. This is why the country is a top recipient of foreign direct investment.

You may want to take advantage of the range of incentives Malaysia offers for investors, made available through a government-sponsored portal.

Indonesia: A Stable Economic Performance

Several thousands of islands between Asia and Australia make up Indonesia. It’s the world’s largest archipelagic state. The country ranks as the second best country to invest in because of its reputation as one of the most promising recipients of foreign direct investments in Southeast Asia. After all, it’s the region’s biggest economy and the world’s third most populous democratic country.

Thanks to renewed policy efforts of the country, Indonesia will most likely suit your interests in investments. You can expect steady increases for its global economic prospects through the following year, as projected by the World Bank.

Investing in properties in these countries would be a wise move as long as your interests and needs suit the resources of the country you choose.