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An Independent Tracker: Solving EMR Errors 0

Standardized training (e.g. Dragon® program) for electronic medical records (EMR) implementation is crucial for any medical institution. However, there is yet another critical aspect to look at when it comes to EMRs. That is a governing body or any independent board that can track your errors.  The rationale behind

Don’t Get Carried Away: Saving Yourself During a Flood 0

Flash floods can happen anytime — and most of the time, it happens when you least expect it. During this unforeseen disaster, it pays that you know how to save yourself. That’s the only way you can save others, too. The first thing you need to remember is to

Blood Spill Removal: Every Crime Scene Cleanup Crew’s Priority 0

The aftermath of violent events usually involves abundant amounts of blood. The work of a cleanup crew comprises mostly of removal of tissues and bloody fluids, which if not dealt with properly are hazardous to human health. This now becomes a priority for every crime scene clean up firm

Creative Ideas to Make the Most of Your Outdoor Space 0

Many times, homeowners are so focused on making the interior of their houses elegant that it’s easy to neglect the outdoors. For others, sprucing up the patio or lawn seems like a tedious job, so they choose to ignore it altogether. These tips from however, can help you transform

The Use of Personas Matter When Writing for SEO 0

Gone were the days when search engine optimization (SEO) was all about spamming and getting as many keywords as possible into an article. Today, SEO writing focuses on connecting with the target audience, as it affects not only the rankings but the brand’s identity and reputation as well. According to

Bathroom Renovation: Making it Safe for the Elderly 0

It’s no secret that the bathroom, of all places, is widely considered as the most dangerous area of the house. More than a third of all household injuries happen in the bathroom, especially around the shower and toilet, and the likelihood of this increases as you get older. If

SEO Changes Brought by the New Bing-AOL Partnership 0

Just when you thought Google had the monopoly to the Internet search market, their partnership with AOL expires. As per the agreement, Bing will replace them as the AOL primary search engine in their 10 websites. The news, when released, was minor at best. Very few people were talking

Studying in London on a Budget: Do You Really Need a Part Time Job? 0

Because of the high cost of living in London, even a full scholarship is sometimes not enough financial support for students. This is especially true for international students, who usually cannot expect help from their families. If you are one of the many people who are having trouble making

The Hiking Therapy: How Hiking Makes You Feel Good 0

If you’ve been in the Philippines long enough to have many residents as Facebook friends, you will notice a trend. Aside from selfies, your timeline will be full of photos of your friends conquering great heights with the likes of Mt. Pulag, Mt. Matutum and the ever-famous Mt. Makiling.

Neat Stuff You can Thank Your Printer For 0

Sometimes, printers at home can be neglected. If you’re not big on working at home or if you don’t have kids, a printer has very little to no use to you. However, you shouldn’t underestimate the use of printers; there are a lot of things you can do with