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Homeownership 101: Resources To Help You Get Started 0

It’s hard to find a person who doesn’t dream of one day having his or her own home. It’s been said that owning a home is part of the American Dream, which is why the demand for houses, apartments, condominium units, and other residential spaces continues to increase. With

How to Deal with Medical Debt 0

Having medical debt is an event no one would want to deal with, but can sometimes be inevitable. People never know when they could fall into a $500 emergency bill or when they would need to spend more than a week’s worth in the hospital. A survey result showed

4 Tips to Pay Your Mortgage Early 0

For most people, their home mortgage is the single most expensive loan they get their entire lives. This is why it makes sense to plan accordingly to pay it off sooner and here are some tips on how to make this happen: Be Choosy with Your Mortgage Company Paying

Top 3 Reasons to Get a Fixed-Rate Mortgage 0

The type of mortgage you take out can mean the difference between having a fully paid housing loan in as little time as possible and wallowing in debt for decades. As you want to enjoy a debt-free life, it’s important to choose a mortgage the best suits your needs

Stable Ogden Mortgage Rates Make Home Ownership Within Reach 0

Utah has an impressive homeownership rating of 69.9%. And while the cost of real estate here is higher than the national average, there are other factors that outweigh this from a homebuyer’s perspective. High employment rate, good median household income, a wide array of booming industries, and the state’s

4 Ways You Can Buy an IPhone 7 or IPhone 7 plus on the Cheap 0

The new iPhone 7 (and the iPhone 7 Plus, by extension) is certainly a sight for sore eyes, and a thing for gadget-itchy hands. If you’re dreaming of buying one of the pair of flagship smartphones from Apple, but you’re scared you won’t be able to eat or drink

3 Ways to Buy the Best Home for Your Needs 0

One of the biggest steps you can take in adult life is to buy your first home. This means you are ready to start your independent life and maybe even your own family. However, you must be sure about your financial capability before making this substantial purchase. Here are

Home Equity Loans – Why Refinancing is a Good Idea 0

A home equity line of credit is a line of credit in which your home is the collateral. Most of these lines of credit come with an adjustable interest rate over a 10-year period and the borrower just has to pay interest. This lets borrowers have access to much-needed

Why You Can’t Do Accounting for Your Business on Your Own 0

Corporate accountants can help your business not only with tax returns, but with planning your business, long-term tax planning, individual tax planning, and networking, among others. While employing an accountant is not mandatory for businesses, there are various reasons why plenty of businesses, whether big or start-up entities, utilise

Home Ownership and the Five Year Rule 0

The American Dream is one where you have a better life with your loved ones. It typically starts with buying your dream house. While sitting on your front porch enjoying a cold glass of lemonade on a breezy afternoon paints a nice picture, in reality, buying your first house