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Are Your Teeth Ruining Your Smile? 0

If you have teeth which are crooked, spaced too widely or crowded, you may find yourself feeling self-conscious about your smile. This can make you feel awkward in social situations or when someone wants to take your photograph. If you have considered braces but dismissed the idea because you

How Stress Can Ruin Your Oral Health 0

Stress affects not only your feelings, behaviors, and thoughts. You may not realize it, but too much if it can also affect your mouth, teeth, and gums. In fact, dentists can tell if you’re stressed during routine dental examinations. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or stressed out, Greenwood family dentistry

Considering Cool Sculpting for Your Body? 0

People who feel good about themselves are confident and therefore successful in any field they work in. With today’s hectic lifestyle, however, people tend to put on weight and get out of shape. The “battle of the bulge” is a common problem with both men and women today. Here’s

Getting In the Best Shape of Your Life 0

Your physical appearance bears a considerable role on your confidence levels, as well as your outlook on life. Numerous TV shows, advertisements, and magazines set the ideal beauty standards. They project incredibly beautiful and slender women with luscious curves as the typical beauty standard. As a result, the average

Instances When You Must Visit a Dentist Immediately 0

Not many people like visiting the dentist.  However, the services of a dentist can save you from a painful experience and can improve the quality of your life. While that annual visit may suffice, there are instances when you must see your dentist. Payson, Utah’s dental clinics present five

Why Are Electrolytes Important to the Body? 0

Electrolytes are an important element to the body’s functions. These trigger different functions by controlling the ion channels inside a person’s body. These channels are like gates that allow life support materials to come and go from cells. One example is if you want to run, the brain begins

What Does an Orthodontist Do? 0

An orthodontist is a dentist who works with people with a range of problems associated with crooked or misaligned teeth. Most treatments involve fitting braces to help to reposition the teeth using gentle continuous pressure over a period of time. Although any dentist can perform these treatments if they

Sleep Tight: Sleeping Well after a Wisdom Tooth Extraction 0

Recovering from a wisdom tooth extraction can be difficult as the pain can affect one’s ability to function in everyday situations. People, for instance, might find it hard to fall asleep due to post-surgical pain. Fortunately, there are some remedies one can rely on to help ease the pain

Can I Remove Stains on My Veneers? 0

What happens if you find out that your veneers do not match your other teeth? Could you possibly have them whitened? If so, how do you go about it? Unfortunately, your typical whitening gel will not work on your veneers; for your veneers to once again match the colour

Behavior Issues: Alzheimer’s Disease and Repetition 0

It is common for those with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease to say or do something over and over again. Sufferers usually repeat a word, question, or actions because of poor memory. They usually do this to establish familiarity and create comfort and security. While this behavior is not that