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An Independent Tracker: Solving EMR Errors 0

Standardized training (e.g. Dragon® program) for electronic medical records (EMR) implementation is crucial for any medical institution. However, there is yet another critical aspect to look at when it comes to EMRs. That is a governing body or any independent board that can track your errors.  The rationale behind

Don’t Get Carried Away: Saving Yourself During a Flood 0

Flash floods can happen anytime — and most of the time, it happens when you least expect it. During this unforeseen disaster, it pays that you know how to save yourself. That’s the only way you can save others, too. The first thing you need to remember is to

5 Steps to Convince Your Child that School is Cool 0

For some children, change is frightening, especially if it is going to take them away from their comfort zone. That’s how they perceive going to school for the first time. If you are having a hard time convincing your child that school is cool and that he or she

Skateboarding – Building Your Half Pipe 0

Half pipes are used in many sports including skateboarding. It looks like a swimming pools cross section. Two concave ramps look like a U and this shape is important as the flat bottom gives the skater enough time to recover and prepare for the next move. The interesting thing

Invisalign: The Clear Way to a Great Smile 0

Having a well-aligned set of teeth is more convenient now than before. Thanks to Invisalign, you need not suffer and be uncomfortable with your braces or aligners. Invisalign’s gentle method of straightening teeth can change people’s thinking about orthodontics. However, like any other treatment procedure, you should observe proper

On Being An Uninsured Motorist In America 0

Being an uninsured motorist is nothing new in America. Despite providers of NC auto insurance trying to make things easier, there are still a substantial number of uninsured motorists, as evidenced by the numbers. It’s also worth noting twenty states, including the District of Columbia, are doing their share

The Use of Personas Matter When Writing for SEO 0

Gone were the days when search engine optimization (SEO) was all about spamming and getting as many keywords as possible into an article. Today, SEO writing focuses on connecting with the target audience, as it affects not only the rankings but the brand’s identity and reputation as well. According to

Exploring the Glaciers of Alaska: Up Close and Personal 0

Alaska may not have the glitzy shopping and commercial centers of New York or the hipness of the Bay Area, but what it lacks in man-made attractions, it makes up with natural wonders. This part of the US isn’t at the top of tourist lists, but those who make

Symptoms that Tell an AC Compressor is Faulty 0

Although most air conditioners become defective due to various reasons, faulty compressors are the main ones. Poorly maintained air conditioners develop compressor issues, which only a professional technician can handle. Any professional technician will know your AC unit has a defective compressor by observing certain symptoms. Decreased cooling capacity

SEO Changes Brought by the New Bing-AOL Partnership 0

Just when you thought Google had the monopoly to the Internet search market, their partnership with AOL expires. As per the agreement, Bing will replace them as the AOL primary search engine in their 10 websites. The news, when released, was minor at best. Very few people were talking