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How You Can Tap the Benefits of a Reverse Mortgage 0

Given the high cost of homes, most Americans use a considerable amount of their income to service the mortgage on their house. Poor credit score leads to high-interest rates on loans and private mortgage insurance drives up the monthly payments. If a significant portion of your paycheck goes towards

Cash Loans Application Guide: The Need-to-Knows 0

Life’s challenges can affect anyone at any time. Even the richest and the most successful people will experience financial hiccups at one point or another. The middle and lower classes are not safe from this either. When financial bumps hit, one of the easiest (and often most effective) solutions

A TIC 1031 Property Exchange Can Rescue Your Investment 0

Like any other industry, the real estate sector is subject to many market forces. While in most cases these factors can work in your favor, sometimes they can back you into a corner. If you’re on the wrong side of such an event, your holdings can be in jeopardy, and

How to Reduce Your Energy Consumption 0

Electricity costs have risen significantly over the years, to the point that most homeowners spend more on energy than any other bill. It doesn’t help that many people might be paying for electricity that they aren’t actually using. Reducing energy usage in your home will not only save money

Safeguard Your Driving Privileges When Applying for SR22 Insurance 0

Major traffic violations can lead you to incur severe legal trouble, especially when you have to file SR22 insurance. Luckily, you can take proactive steps and keep such developments from putting your driving license at risk. If you’re a high-risk driver, then you’d appreciate the value of having SR22

Turnkey Property: The Solution for Profitable Landlords 0

Becoming a property owner promises steady income. However, it can be difficult managing your properties and the tenants without the right skills and experience. Owning turnkey property has changed this. Instead of handling the process alone, owners seek the help of property acquisition services. From there, they acquire the property

Refinance Your Mortgage Successfully in 2 Steps 0

The terms of your home loan bear considerable influence on the final price tag of your purchase. The total amount of money that you pay as interest on the loan also counts towards the final costs. Paying too much in interest can affect your ability to save for retirement. Luckily, you can

The What’s and How’s of Hard Money Lending 0

Are you in need of quick cash for an investment you want to grab? Do you have medical or personal bills that you need to pay immediately? A hard money lender just might be the solution for you. These types of lenders don’t have credit checks and income verification

Tax Preparation for Those Planning to Sell Their Vacation Home 0

There is nothing like having your own getaway – a vacation home that you can escape to when everyday life becomes too stressful. However, owning one doesn’t come without the hassle, mortgage, and maintenance requirements. When seasons change, many people think about selling their vacation home to acquire an

3 Things to Avoid Before Mortgage Application 0

Are you planning to buy a new house, but you don’t have enough money for it? Why not take out a mortgage loan then? This could be the ultimate solution to your problem. There are hundreds of mortgage lenders in Phoenix, but most of them have tightened their rules when