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Massages for the Mums-to-Be: Easing Body Pain and Stress 0

Pregnant women are often complimented for the ‘glow’ of their skin. The so-called pregnancy glow isn’t some urban legend or generic compliment for expectant mothers, though. It’s one of the changes caused by increased hormones during pregnancy. The hormonal imbalance during pregnancy causes other changes — but not all

4 Elements You Should Look for in a Private Hospital 0

When it comes to medical procedures, safety should be your top priority. Keep in mind that not all hospitals provide quality medical care. It’s true that the expertise and experience of the doctor are big factors for such treatments. However, the hospital is also accountable for various patient care and

Should You Have Neck Surgery? 0

Neck surgery is only usually recommended to treat neck pain if all other treatments have failed. Majority of doctors recommend treating neck pain through conventional and non-invasive procedures, including physical therapy, rest, and medications. When successful, neck surgery could offer significant or permanent pain relief. When to Consider Having

Common Denture Problems and How to Avoid Them 0

When teeth are lost, the jawbone is no longer actively utilized, making it weaker and marginally worn out over time. This alters the shape of the jaw, making your dentures not fit properly. When your dentures are fitted for the first time in South Bend, Indiana, they fit perfectly well, and

Ways on How to Maintain a Clean Office Toilet 0

It’s a common knowledge that all toilets are germ ridden, especially the public ones. If office toilets are left untreated, then there’s a huge chance of germ build-up that may cause the spread of diseases, and can ultimately affect the staff’s productivity. That’s why office cleaning is important in

Essentials for Keeping Your Toddler’s Teeth Healthy 0

Dental issues more often than not crop up at a young age. This, therefore, calls for prompt visits to the dentist starting as early as twelve months old. But how do you know what routines to keep up to maintain your toddler’s teeth healthy? Here are some pointers. Watch

For Pregnant Women: Is Choosing a Midwife Right for You? 0

While expectant mothers often choose obstetricians for pregnancy care and delivery, there are also those who choose to work with a midwife. If you’re planning to do the same, it is good to know that midwife-handled births also produce good results with reduced need for medical interventions. Midwives are

Let’s Talk About Bone Fractures 0

Old age, unfortunately, comes with the following complications: heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, and cancer. But, do you know a significant percentage of the population also meet their end due to fractures? Bone fractures, especially hip fractures, are some of the most common causes of premature death among older men

Professional Psychiatry: What to Look for in Quality Psychiatric Care 0

Admitting you need professional psychiatric care can be difficult. After the initial hurdles of accepting you have a problem and that you need help, finding professional, competent, and quality psychiatric care is now the next priority. While there are numerous facilities you can choose from, finding the right one

Having the Right Doctors is Essential to Arthritis Management 0

Arthritis, a condition that results in the inflammation of the joints, affects millions of adults – more than 54 million to be exact – in the United States alone. A staggering $81 billion is lost due to the many different faces of this joint disease. But this doesn’t even begin to