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A TIC 1031 Property Exchange Can Rescue Your Investment 0

Like any other industry, the real estate sector is subject to many market forces. While in most cases these factors can work in your favor, sometimes they can back you into a corner. If you’re on the wrong side of such an event, your holdings can be in jeopardy, and

3 Things to Avoid Before Mortgage Application 0

Are you planning to buy a new house, but you don’t have enough money for it? Why not take out a mortgage loan then? This could be the ultimate solution to your problem. There are hundreds of mortgage lenders in Phoenix, but most of them have tightened their rules when

A Short Lesson for You: Looking After Your Roof Effectively 0

Many people have the tendency to overlook their roof when in fact it’s considered as one of the most important parts of a house. Without it, you may likely find yourself exposed to the harsh and changing weather. That’s why it’s necessary you learn and understand how to protect

Millennials and their Homes: What the Gen Ys Look for in a Home 0

The real estate industry is beginning to see a rise in millennial home buyers. Because of this, they have shifted their promotional angles to features and benefits of a property that would appeal more to millennials who are looking to buy one. Since most are first-time buyers, they won’t