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A TIC 1031 Property Exchange Can Rescue Your Investment 0

Like any other industry, the real estate sector is subject to many market forces. While in most cases these factors can work in your favor, sometimes they can back you into a corner. If you’re on the wrong side of such an event, your holdings can be in jeopardy, and

How Do You Know a House Fits You? 0

It is one thing to buy a house, but buying a good home is, however, something very different. This makes choosing a new home very stressful. You could hire someone to help you choose the right location, design or fixtures but there is no clear rule on which house

3 Things to Avoid Before Mortgage Application 0

Are you planning to buy a new house, but you don’t have enough money for it? Why not take out a mortgage loan then? This could be the ultimate solution to your problem. There are hundreds of mortgage lenders in Phoenix, but most of them have tightened their rules when

4 Ways to Boost Your Property Management or Real Estate Revenue 0

Increasing profits is a top goal for property management or real estate companies of any size, from a big firm with thousands of flats and holiday rentals to small businesses with a single property. But as your portfolio expands, you need to find better ways to remain profitable and

Millennials and their Homes: What the Gen Ys Look for in a Home 0

The real estate industry is beginning to see a rise in millennial home buyers. Because of this, they have shifted their promotional angles to features and benefits of a property that would appeal more to millennials who are looking to buy one. Since most are first-time buyers, they won’t

Best Places to Raise Your Family in New Zealand 0

A few years ago, New Zealand earned the honour as among the most family-friendly countries in the world. That, however, does not mean that all places in this nation are equally as friendly to children as others. The four cities and neighbourhoods below are great places to raise your

Stable Ogden Mortgage Rates Make Home Ownership Within Reach 0

Utah has an impressive homeownership rating of 69.9%. And while the cost of real estate here is higher than the national average, there are other factors that outweigh this from a homebuyer’s perspective. High employment rate, good median household income, a wide array of booming industries, and the state’s